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Friends of Team H

Whether you have run hundred's of marathons or you just starting out and everything inbetween massage and running go hand in hand, and here is a little explanation as to why..


Running requires a repetitive action of the leg muscles, this translates into being able to run faster, stronger and greater distances covered on runs. However over time this can mean shortening of the muscles which can leave them feeling tight and heavy, the range of motion at the joints can also be compromised.


A good massage can elongate the muscles, relieve any tension in the muscles, help re-store any range of motion that been lost and improve circulation around the area.


Massage is not only an important part of the recovery process, but just as important to keep you improving everystep of the way. Here at Team H we recommend a visit to Clare on a monthly basis for your long term improvement and wellbeing.


Telephone number: 07787 410488


Clare has been working with the boys and girls at Crossfit Plymouth for a while now and we are happy that she is willing to look after Team H at £25.00 per 45 min session. 

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