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Team H Short History

Team H Running Plymouth was formed in early 2013 by Greg Hawkins (Hawks) and Steve Hoskin (Ossie) who had recently started training for the Plymouth Half Marathon together. After sending out an open invitation on Facebook for others to accompany them, as it was usually just the two of them turning up (Hawkins and Hoskin 'H'Paul Yates (Sarge) made it a trio. a month or so later, Ossie kept boring all with his running updates we decided to start a Facebook running page dedicated to Team H so that only people who were interested or curious would read it. 


Soon people started liking the page and joining us on training runs and eventually entering events together as Team H. We are now proud to have a great group of people who regulary meet up 3 times a week, of all different abilities but share a common desire to run. We don't take ourselves too seriously, we dont have 'official membership', we don't pay subs or hold AGMs, we basically turn up in our running gear and run with friends. Having said all of that we do know a bit about running, we collectively attend somewhere upwards of 20 events a year and are always looking for new team mates to come and join.


So if you've ran 50 marathons or never completed a mile it would be great to have you as part of our Team, the best way to contact us is via the Facebook page as four of the team look after it and will respond quickly or just turn up to the next training run as listed on the Home page and introduce yourself.



Founding Members of Team H
Greg Hawkins (Hawks)

The old man of the group, packing a bit of pork and a Grandad, but runs all distances from 10k's to Ultras, however does not like hills or running too fast!

Steve Hoskin (Ossie)

Mr Motivator! Always encouraging and positive, used to be really fast but always injured and tells everyone about it. (Ossie also rides a bike a lot and sells chicken) :-)


Paul Yates (Sarge)

Runs at one pace which is usually faster than Hawks appreciates. Likes to go on 'stupid runs' both official and training. If it's Sarges route, we suggest you find an excuse not to go :-)


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